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One in seven people struggle with hunger in Massachusetts.

Thousands of our neighbors across Massachusetts are food insecure, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made the need for food assistance more widespread and critical than ever. One in 10 children struggled with hunger before the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, that number has nearly doubled, with one in every five children not receiving the proper nutrition to grow and thrive.

With the purchase of a Stop Hunger Now license plate, you can help provide access to nutritious food for those in need in Massachusetts. Your support will help Boston Medical Center (BMC) and The Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) tackle food insecurity through programs that increase access to affordable, nutritious food. Together, we can end hunger in Massachusetts and be a beacon of healing for our communities.

Get My License Plate

Low Number License Plates

Interested in an exclusive low number plate? Numbers 10 through 99 are available for an additional $1,000 gift. Contact the Stop Hunger Now license plate team to learn more at

How Do I Order a Stop Hunger Now License Plate?

Per the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), a completed registration must include a $40 payment. The initial payment covers the RMV’s special plate fee ($12) and a portion of the payment benefits Boston Medical Center and The Greater Boston Food Bank ($28). After two years, upon registration renewal, the total $40 special plate fee will benefit BMC and GBFB. All major credit cards are accepted.

Please note, there will be a one-time $20 plate changeover fee plus any applicable registration fees due at the time of pick-up. These fees depend largely on where you are in your current registration cycle. If you are putting your Stop Hunger Now plate on a new vehicle, you may also need to pay any applicable sales tax, title and registration fees at that time. Please contact your local RMV with any questions regarding required fees.

The Stop Hunger Now license plate is available to Massachusetts residents only. License plate numbers will be randomly assigned. If interested in a low number plate (10 through 99), please contact

When Will I Get My License Plate?

Manufacturing of the plates will not begin until 750 requests have been pre-ordered. Once the quota is met, the plates will go into production and the $40 special plate fee will be non-refundable. Plates will take six to eight months to manufacture.

The RMV will notify you via mail when your plates have been shipped to your designated RMV branch. Upon picking up your plates, please bring your vehicle registration and current license plates (if applicable).

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